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Manufacturing in Mexico: Security


Security in Mexico is typically of great interest and concern for companies considering manufacturing in Mexico. Media outlets from around the world anxiously await the next gruesome story related to the drug war in Mexico to help attract readers to their publications and as a result, the perception of security in Mexico is distorted, especially within the Mexico manufacturing sector. This is not to say that there are areas of Mexico that, if possible, should be avoided and common sense safety procedures that should be followed.

The Mexico manufacturing sector has enjoyed a long history of safely operating throughout Mexico with relatively few acts of violence against domestic and foreign employees. Companies that are manufacturing in Mexico or considering manufacturing in Mexico should understand and implement sound security measures to ensure the safety of their foreign and domestic staff. The first rule of thumb in Mexico, and for any large, industrial area for that matter, is to try and attract as little attention as possible to yourself and your company. Experts in Mexico security suggest wearing plain clothes, little to no jewelry and use transportation that does not draw attention. People who are unfamiliar with their surroundings should use private, local transportation in Mexico to avoid getting lost.

Generally speaking, Mexico is a safe country for manufacturing. Avoiding areas known for violence, traveling during daylight hours and traveling with locals who know the area is sound advice. Contacting an expert in Mexican security to help develop and implement security procedures may be a smart strategy when manufacturing in Mexico.

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