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Manufacturing in Mexico: Getting Started

Mexico Manufacturing

Mexico manufacturing as a maquiladora under the IMMEX (formally maquiladora) program is a strategy being used by small, medium and large, multi-national organizations seeking a low-cost manufacturing alternative to China, Canada, Western Europe and the United States. Whether an organization is in the Aerospace, Medical Device, Electronics, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Metal Mechanics, Industrial or Textile industries, manufacturing in Mexico is likely a good fit.

The primary challenge facing companies who want to explore manufacturing in Mexico is knowing where to start and who to contact for assistance. This website was specifically designed to help companies gain more knowledge about manufacturing in Mexico and, more specifically, as a maquiladora. Here you can learn facts about the IMMEX program, optional corporate structures in Mexico, choosing a location in Mexico, labor laws in Mexico, security in Mexico and all the administration in Mexico required by the government to remain compliant with local, state and federal Mexican laws. In addition, one can learn more about the Mexican culture from region-to-region and certain expectations in the workplace.

Manufacturing in Mexico can be a rewarding strategy for companies interested in lowering manufacturing costs, improving flexibility and, in many cases, improving quality. The maquiladoras’ more than sixty-year history has created a well-trained, multigenerational workforce who understand how to work with foreign companies moving to Mexico. Mexico offers an environment where intellectual property is respected and protected by both the government and the labor force. Mexico’s proximately to the United States, Canada and South America makes manufacturing in Mexico the obvious choice.

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