Maquila Reference is designed to serve as a reference/guide for the Maquiladora Industry and Mexico manufaturing.

Manufacturing in Mexico: Tijuana


Tijuana is a dominant city in Mexico with economic and industrial influence across the nation. Bordering San Diego, California, Tijuana has over 600 maquiladoras servicing the automotive, electronics, consumer products, industrial, aerospace and medical device industries. In fact, Tijuana now has the largest concentration of medical device manufacturers in all of North America and the largest concentration of aerospace maquiladoras in Mexico.

Manufacturing in Tijuana is the primary source of the city’s growth, contributing to the more than 80,000 new residents a year moving to the city. As wages and transportation costs continue to rise in China, manufacturing in Mexico is exploding. Tijuana is the primary beneficiary of this growth.

Industrial real estate in Tijuana is abundant and possibly the most flexible of all developed cities in Mexico. Manufacturers can choose to lease a build-to-suit option or lease existing space in virtually any size and quality. Alternatively, existing buildings are typically available to purchase. The infrastructure to support manufacturing in Tijuana is also some of the best developed in the country. Highways have been built to support the mass transportation of goods from maquiladoras to the United States, and there is plenty of reliable power and broadband connectivity throughout the city.

Labor in Tijuana is also abundant, ranging from unskilled assembly workers to highly trained professionals. Unlike many other developed cities in Mexico, Tijuana has a large concentration of English-speaking residents, making communication (and training) easier with foreign managers and visitors. The labor unions in Tijuana are considered “white unions” and are generally employer friendly, as well.