Maquila Reference is designed to serve as a reference/guide for the Maquiladora Industry and Mexico manufaturing.

Manufacturing in Mexico: Monterrey


As the capital city of Nuevo Leon and Mexico’s third largest city overall, Monterrey is the northeastern commercial center of the country and enjoys the highest per capita income in the nation. With its well-educated population and rich historical and cultural presence, Monterrey is known as Mexico’s most “Americanized” cities, even more so than others right along the border region.

Monterrey is one of Mexico’s most developed cities and accounts for a large portion of manufacturing in Mexico. Monterrey has successfully attracted a diversified commercial base, including international companies from the aerospace, automobile, electronics, medical device and industrial industries. In addition to foreign manufacturing in Monterrey, it is home to many of Mexico’s largest national companies, including the oil company Pemex, the world’s largest cement company CEMEX and the city produces most of Mexico’s steel.

Prior to 2008, Monterrey was known as Latin America’s safest city to live, work and visit. Due to increased drug cartel violence over the past 3 years, Monterrey’s reputation has worsened but is expected to rebound. Manufacturing in Monterrey continues to be strong.