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Manufacturing in Mexico: Guanajuato


Located in central Mexico just northwest of Mexico City, Guanajuato is currently the fastest growing city for manufacturing in Mexico. The automobile industry is behind the growth of Guanajuato with the anticipated opening of four new plants in 2014 from Honda, Mazda, Volkswagen and, just to the north in Aguascalientes, Nissan. Following these automobile OEMs to the region are their tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers from Japan, Germany and the United States. By some accounts, Guanajuato is expecting to receive over 200 new supplier companies in the automobile industry from 2012 – 2015. While this growth is welcomed by the city and is expected to create thousands of new jobs, it will not come without its challenges.

As of 2013, industrial space throughout Guanajuato was limited, especially for smaller suppliers who prefer to lease rather than buy land and build, available industrial space. Large, institutional real estate developers are in the process of building new industrial parks in Silao, Irapuato, Salamanca and Celaya to accommodate companies of all sizes. By 2015, available industrial space throughout the state is expected to double.

The largest city in Guanajuato, Leon, is know for manufacturing leather shoes and handbags and is the State’s financial and professional center; however, the fastest growing city within Guanajuato is Irapuato. Mostly known for its strawberry farms and other agricultural activities, Irapuato is rapidly expanding to accommodate the demand for commercial and residential space. The city government is responding to the growth by improving roads and building new schools. With a beautiful golf course, country club and a growing variety of culinary cuisine, Irapuato continues to attract foreigners, mostly business managers, to live in the city.