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Manufacturing in Mexico: Aguascalientes


Manufacturing in Aguascalientes has exploded over the past five years due to the expansion of the big automotive companies, such as Nissan, Mazda, GM, Honda, and Volkswagen. Hundreds of automotive suppliers from around the world are exploring manufacturing in Aguascalientes as a strategy to locate near their OEM clients.

The city of Aguascalientes and its surrounding areas provide a comfortable and safe environment for foreigners to visit or live. As of 2012, the city’s population was over 1.2 million and is expected to grow at about 2.5% annually. With an average age of 24 years old, the labor market in Aguascalientes is strong for companies who want to manufacture in Aguascalientes. However, manufacturing in Aguascalientes is not without its challenges. First, the government in Aguascalientes controls most of the available land and encourages companies to purchase land and build their facilities, rather than lease an existing building. The nature of this arrangement with the government is uncommon in Mexico, as most state governments also encourage private, institutional real estate investors to buy land and build industrial parks for manufacturing in Mexico. There are very few industrial parks in Aguascalientes due to the government’s control of land and therefore operations that would prefer to lease industrial space should consider Guanajuato, which borders Aguascalientes to the south.

Evaluating Aguascalientes for the purpose of manufacturing can be accomplished by working with a local shelter company who is familiar with the State and understands the government. Partnering with a good shelter company can also make the transition into Mexico much smoother by allowing them to handle all the administration and compliance management of the facility, enabling the manufacturer o focus on production and quality control.