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Manufacturing in Mexico: Locations

Industrial Parks

Choosing a location for manufacturing in Mexico is typically the first and most import step during the feasibility stage of an expansion project. The maquiladora industry got its roots along the United States / Mexico border in cities such as Tijuana, Mexicali and Cd. Juarez, where manufacturing in Mexico continues to grow. Over the past two decades, however, manufacturing in Mexico has expanded into the interior states, especially in Guanajuato and Queretaro, where the automotive and aerospace industries are growing rapidly.

Most companies let the nature of their business determine where in Mexico they will build a factory. If more than 60% of the finished product is being exported back to the United States or Canada, establishing a Mexico manufacturing facility along the border probably makes the most sense. Each border city where manufacturing in Mexico is present has its pros and cons. For example, Tijuana is strategically located along the West Coast, where shipments of raw material can easily arrive from Asia and be in a client’s factory within 1 day. Tijuana also has a well-trained workforce servicing many industries, including medical device, aerospace, consumer products, electronics and others. Cd. Juarez, on the other hand, is centrally located, making distribution easier and potentially less expensive.

Other factors to consider when choosing a location for manufacturing in Mexico is the availability of industrial space and labor. Industrial space in Mexico varies from Class A, which is typically built by global, institutional firms that follow United States standards, to Class C buildings that are typically older and owned by individuals in Mexico. Whether Class A or C, another factor to consider is choosing a location inside a secure industrial park or a stand-alone building. Depending on the city, industrial parks in Mexico can offer a safe and secure environment. Security in Mexico may play a roll in these decisions and should be carefully evaluated with experts who know each area well.

Take the time to explore the various locations and options for manufacturing in Mexico on this website. Additional information and assistance in evaluating industrial parks in Mexico can be found by contacting a good shelter company in Mexico who can also assist in the evaluation of an entire project.

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