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Manufacturing in Mexico: Electronics


Located mostly along Mexico’s border with the United States, the electronics industry was one of the first industries to begin manufacturing in Mexico. Baja California, primarily Tijuana, is home to one of the largest clusters of electronics manufacturers and assemblers in all of Mexico. Companies such as Panasonic, Plantronics, Sharp and other large electronics manufacturers have a lot of experience manufacturing in Mexico. In addition to the large OEM’s that are manufacturing in Mexico, suppliers to these firms have also expanded in the country and have contributed to the overall growth of the industry.

The maquiladora industry, a program established by the Mexican government over 50 years ago to boost employment along the borders, made manufacturing in Mexico attractive for companies servicing the U.S. market. Tax incentives, training programs and special agreements for the trade of goods (primarily NAFTA) has been the driving factor behind Mexico manufacturing. In addition to the government programs established to help the growth of manufacturing in Mexico, a well-trained, young workforce is available to companies who want to manufacture in Mexico, especially along the border in Tijuana, Mexicali and Cd. Juarez.

One method of making a seamless transition into Mexico is by hiring an outsourced administration and compliance management firm, or better known in the industry as a Shelter Company. A well-run shelter company can help with feasibility, start-up and the on-going administration of the human resource, import/export, accounting and environmental, health & safety functions of a company manufacturing in Mexico. Shelter companies are located throughout Mexico but are more prevalent along the border regions.

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Electronics Manufacturing in Mexico Within the last 30 years Baja California has become one of the most important electronics manufacturing regions in North America.  Investment in the Electronic Components Market has reached up to $5 billion and over $500 million has been invested in the Electronics Distribution Market. Baja California is well known for intellectual […]

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Brief Overview of Baja CA’s Electronics Industry

Baja CA has the largest concentration of electronics operations in Mexico. Tijuana, Mexicali and Tecate have nearly 105 electronics manufacturing operations. The electronics industry employs nearly 65,000 people, where • 30% of companies specialize in audio, video and TV manufacturing • 33% of companies specialize in information technologies Baja CA provides many advantages, including: • […]

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The electronics industry in Tijuana employs nearly 60,000 workers compared to 26,500 workers in Mexicali. In 2004, Baja CA’s electronics industry experienced a 77.2% growth in foreign direct investment. Tijuana’s precedence in electronics industry is marked by • 120 companies specializing in consumer and specialty electronics • Low-cost, next-to-market manufacturing and design options • Proximity […]

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Large Electronics Companies in Baja CA

By 2004, some of the largest electronics companies including Hitachi, JVC, Matsushita, Sanyo, Samsung, Sony, and Sharp produced 17.7 million television sets and computer monitors at their Baja CA manufacturing facility. Companies started with the production of conventional television and computer monitor sets. In 2010, the focus turned to flat screen sets, based on LCD, […]

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Suppliers for Mexico’s Electronic Industry

Baja CA’s electronics maquilas have been highly receptive to U.S. products. Companies consistently seek to reduce operation and production costs by researching for alternative sources for quality products Larger electronics companies in Baja CA look for suppliers with • Organizational stability • Quality products • Just-in-time delivery with low or no on-site inventory • Consistent […]

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