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Manufacturing in Mexico: Aerospace


The aerospace industry in Mexico is one of the three largest industries manufacturing in Mexico today. This industry has proven to be a lucrative investment for Mexico and its manufacturing base, exceeding $3 billion within the last few years. Over the next 5 years that number will continue to grow, while simultaneously creating thirty-five thousand jobs in Mexico. Two hundred aerospace companies currently manufacture in Mexico and employ more than two hundred thousand people.

Mexico has welcomed the aerospace sector with open arms and Mexico has become the location of choice for those who are seeking a low-cost manufacturing footprint in North America. Today, nearly every component of a plane can be manufactured in Mexico, including turbines, fuselages and sensors for jet engines. In addition, as a way to entice big business, the Mexican government has laid out a comprehensive, sound, multi-year plan that aims to increase and improve the country’s aerospace design, development and engineering output. Predictably, the plan highlights the attractive price of labor in Mexico.

An important part of the aerospace industry’s success in Mexico was its willingness to work with administrative outsourced service providers, such as shelter companies, who handle all the administration and compliance management in Mexico so the manufacturer can focus on production and quality control. As manufacturing in Mexico expands, so does the government’s enforcement of strict regulations in the area of customs, labor and environmental compliance. In addition, the IMMEX program requires companies to follow rules and regulations that continuously change from year-to-year.

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Outlook: Aerospace Manufacturing in Mexico

Aerospace manufacturing in Mexico has enjoyed incredible growth over the last 20 years. Perfectly situated, both economically and geographically, Mexico is poised to become one of the 21st century’s leading aerospace manufacturers. In the 1990’s, NAFTA was one of the main catalysts that ignited the aerospace industry in Mexico. International corporations saw opportunity and flocked […]

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Established Aerospace Companies in Mexico

Large aerospace companies from the U.S. and Europe have chosen to relocate and expand operations to Mexico. A major factor that attracted these companies to come to Mexico were the affordable wages, the qualified, motivated and trainable workforce capable of handling simple to complex aerospace jobs. In response to the influx of aerospace companies coming […]

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Locations in Mexico with Aerospace Operations

Mexico has emerged as a significantly attractive destination for aerospace investments. The aerospace clusters located in the different Mexican states helped in the growth and development of aerospace industry. In Mexico, there are 3 types of aerospace companies. Manufacturing & Assembly (80%) Engineering & Design (10%) Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (10%) The goal is to […]

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Investments in Mexico’s Aerospace Industry

Foreign direct investments in Mexico were initiated by the major U.S. based OEMs and their suppliers. This process started in 1995-6 with U.S. GE encouraging its suppliers to relocate to Mexico to cut costs. Initially, Mexico’s low-cost job shop services attracted U.S.’ aerospace industry. Later, its offer of high value tasks (structure, design and assembly) […]

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Key Factors Before Choosing a Location to Install Aerospace Manufacturing

Mexico’s precedence in the global aerospace market is well established. There are more than 200 aerospace manufacturing companies in Mexico. The aerospace industry has come up at Baja California (Tijuana & Mexicali), Sonora, Nuevo Leon (Monterrey), Chihuahua (Ciudad Juarez), Queretaro, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, San Luis Potosi, Puebla, Jalisco and Aguascalientes. Baja CA, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon and […]

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Baja California’s Precedence

Baja California has 35% of the aerospace industry in Mexico. Prominently, the historical and geographical factors have contributed to the emergence of Baja CA as the primary destination for aerospace industry. Baja CA presents more than 4 decades of aerospace experience and high quality labor force. Baja CA’s chief differentiators are, There are 49 major […]

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Baja Holds 25% of Mexico’s Aerospace Industry

Baja California (CA) is located in northwestern part of Mexico, and shares a common border with California and the Pacific Rim. The state accounts for 35% of Mexico’s aerospace companies, and provides more than 50% aerospace employment in Mexico. Starting with simple assembling plants, the aerospace industry of Baja CA has evolved towards manufacturing large […]

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Growth and Future of Baja California’s Aerospace Industry

Mexico’s Baja California has attracted FDI due to the benefits it promises to its investors: Lower manufacturing costs Ready pool of experienced engineers International quality certifications World class educational institutions Modern infrastructure & business environment NAFTA’s preferential treatment Of all the 31 states of Mexico, Baja CA has witnessed rapid growth and development. By 2009, […]

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