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Manufacturing in Mexico: Industries


Manufacturing in Mexico continues to grow throughout most industries, both in size and sophistication. Mexico’s large, diversified (unskilled, skilled, engineering and professional) labor pool and the country’s proximity to the United States is driving the largest Mexico manufacturing expansion over the past twenty years. Mexico’s commitment to support this expansion can be seen in the governments’ investment in infrastructure. New highways, availability of broadband in Mexico and the continued support of technical and professional higher education are just some of the ways the government is supporting the growth of manufacturing in Mexico. With tame inflation and a fiscally conservative government, Mexico is poised to continue its successful expansion and attract new foreign investment for years to come.

The fastest growing industries manufacturing in Mexico are the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Device, Consumer Products, and Electronics industries. Other industries manufacturing in Mexico are the Metal Mechanics, Alternative Energy and Industrial industries. Many of the large OEM’s within these industries, such as Honeywell, GE, Bombardier, Nissan, General Motors, Honda, Smiths Medical, DJ Orthopedics and others have at least one facility in Mexico and some have more than one facility manufacturing in Mexico. In addition to these large OEMs, many of their suppliers have expanded or are considering an expansion to Mexico. The key for successful manufacturing in Mexico, regardless of the industry, is to understand the labor laws in Mexico and to operate under full compliance with Mexican custom, environmental and accounting laws. This can be achieved by finding individuals with the knowledge of how to manufacture in Mexico as a foreign company under the maquiladora (IMMEX) program or by outsourcing the administration to a trusted shelter company.

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