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Manufacturing in Mexico

As the world’s 13th largest economy and 2nd largest trade partner with the United States, companies from the Aerospace, Medical Device, Automotive, Electronics, Consumer Products, Renewable Energy, Industrial, Metal Mechanics and many other industries are manufacturing in Mexico to lower their costs and remain globally competitive. With 2,500 institutions of higher learning, 900 universities, a population of 115 million and a median age of 27 years old, labor in Mexico is abundant, diversified and able to accommodate virtually all business needs.

What truly makes manufacturing in Mexico an attractive solution, however, is the Maquiladora (IMMEX program) industry and its more than 60-year history. This “foreign investment” program combined with more than 44 free trade treaties and agreements with countries around the world, most importantly the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the United States and Canada, will continue to fuel the manufacturing in Mexico revolution for many years to come.

Please explore this website for information on manufacturing in Mexico and the many different options throughout the country.

Getting Started

Manufacturing in Mexico as a maquiladora under the IMMEX (maquiladora) program is a strategy being used by small, medium and large, multi-national organizations seeking a low-cost manufacturing alternative to China, Canada and the United States. Whether an organization is in the Aerospace, Medical Device, Electronics, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Metal Mechanics, Industrial or Textile industries, manufacturing in Mexico is likely a good fit.

The primary challenge facing companies who want to explore manufacturing in Mexico is knowing where to start. This website was specifically designed to help companies gain more knowledge about manufacturing in Mexico and, more specifically, as a maquiladora. Here you can learn facts about the IMMEX (formally maquiladora) program, optional corporate structures in Mexico, choosing a location in Mexico, labor in Mexico, security in Mexico and all the administration in Mexico required by the government to remain compliant with local, state and federal Mexican laws.

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